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June Events For Educators!
Event details:
Time:  9 am-3 pm daily with a working lunch
Place:  Glendive, Prairie View Special Services Office building, 30 HWY. 200 S.
Parking:  Please do not fill up the Kingdom Hall lot.  Parking is limited, so plan on walking on a bit.
Upon Registration you will receive important information as to what you will need to bring for each session.

1.  Tuesday, June 2Reading and Writing in Science--How Literacy and Science Support each Other,OPI's Chris DeWald, Science Instructional Coordinator is the presenter.

2.  Wednesday, June 3Using the Framework NOW--Integrating the Three Dimensions of the Framework for K-12 Science Education into Your Classroom, OPI's Chris DeWald Science Instructional Coordinator is the presenter.

4. Friday, June 5Math Common Core Curriculum Organizer Workshop, Lisa Scott, Mathematics Education Consulting, LLC is the presenter.

Please register by May 15 to Pam Pettigrew, the PVCC Assessment Consultant by emailing  Classes held at the PVSS office 30 Hwy 200 S. Glendive, MT (Kim Stanton will not be registering participants).
Please provide the following information to register.
  • full name
  • school and position
  • which events you plan on attending
  • home or cell phone number if it's unexpectedly cancelled
  • summer email (in order to connect with further information about the training and what you will need to bring with you)

Kim Stanton
Curriculum Consultant
c) 406-853-1908

Address: 707 S. Stacy Ave.
Miles City, MT  59301

                          Kim Stanton and Pam Pettigrew